Promote and celebrate America’s colonial history from 1740 through 1840

New memberships are applied for and voted on. New members are sponsored by an active, experienced member who will assist in developing the new member’s skills and experience. We create working committees to get our projects accomplished and urge members to join them. New, prospective members are required to participate on one of these committees for six months in order to achieve membership approval.


The Garden State Black Powder Association is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote and celebrate America’s colonial history from 1740 through 1840. Our members are a diverse group who enjoy shooting traditional black powder weapons, along with practicing many other primitive disciplines. Our club is as much an educational organization as it is a fun, recreational one. Members are encouraged to learn the history of the period and develop a persona. We operate under the leadership of an executive board and are governed by our constitution and bylaws. Club news and business notices are delivered via email through our monthly newsletter, Smoke Signals.


We adhere to the strict safety rules and regulations of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Our qualified Range Officers insure that safety on the firing line is taken very seriously.


Meetings and shoots during the year occur on the last Sunday of each month. Our monthly activities include shooting patched round ball with either rifle, smoothbore or pistol… artillery, cannon and mortar, skeet, throwing tomahawks, knives and spears, archery,  Our shoots are always varied and range from 25-yard and 50-yard paper targets, metal gongs at distances out to 140 yards, prone, off-hand and cross-sticks and much more. We also enjoy challenging ‘woods-walk’ and novelty events where our various skills are put to the test.


We host a Annual Christmas Party, and much more.We hold events throughout the year on craft and other skills such as beading, powder horn making, camping, hunting, trapping, buck-skinning, cooking and other frontier skills. We have it all, from cast iron to candles! The common ingredients are always fun and camaraderie!


Some of the members of the GSBPA, who might not care to shoot, enjoy learning and practicing other primitive skills. Classes are held for clothes making, knitting, weaving, and sewing. Children are always welcome and enjoy primitive games at our events such as hoops, nine pin, ball and cup, and trap ball. This is, indeed, a family friendly club!


We have designed a program for schools, outdoor events, and historical re-enactments. Our members contribute at every skill level. If you enjoy teaching or promoting these traditional skills, you should be a part of our program! We also hold club educational events for our members to learn vast traditional skills.


Each year we hold our primitive Rendezvous with all the comforts of a pre-1840s camp. For five days we enjoy friendship and competition with our like-minded members. Come enjoy our monthly shoots and participate in our meetings which immediately follow at a casual luncheon. We have a calendar that is chock-full of fun, competitive events. There are always prizes to be won and lots of good times with good friends!


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